Bookies Are Eagerly Watching The Chicago Blackhawks Record Setting Streak

Chicago Black HawksIn 2013 the Chicago Black Hawks are off to an amazing record breaking start to their NHL season. The Hawks are currently 14-0-3 and have yet to be defeated in regulation! They recently broke a record that was held by the 2006-2007 Anaheim Ducks by earning at least one point in their first 17 games, the Blackhawks record is currently 18 and counting!

Pay per head bookies and bettors alike that are riding both sides of the Blackhawks amazing winning streak have mixed emotions some betting that the steak will continue others betting that it won’t! Pay per head enthusiast and all around NHL Hockey guru David Rockwell says of the Blackhawks current streak” it can’t possibly continue and that NHL Hockey bettors that continue to bank on the Chicago Blackhawks will end up losing in the in end”. Die hard Chicago fans might think otherwise and would love to make Rockwell eat his words! Continue Reading →

Rafa Nadal & Sergio Garcia Are Big Time Poker Players

Rafa Nadal & Sergio GarciaSergio Garcia revealed in a recent interview that he plays poker for $2,000,000!

That’s a lot of birdies to be putting out on the table.  Actually, Garcia is an accomplished poker player as well as a gifted golfer. He has spent much of his career in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Rankings playing on both the United States PGA tour and the European Tour.   Although he has climbed no higher than the number two spot in the rankings, he has still managed to win over $28,000,000 so far in his career…….and he is still a young man at 33. Continue Reading →

Pay Per Head Bookies Grumble As Alabama Wins The BCS, Again!

BCS PredictionsThe BCS National Championship Bowl in Miami this year was being touted as the NCAA game of the decade…..but it turned out to be a rout.  Much was written about the matchup of Notre Dame and Alabama.  The Fighting Irish were undefeated for 2012 and the Tide lost only one game, to Johnny Football and Texas A&M, back in early November…..but, then again, Texas A&M is another SEC team now.  As the saying goes, SEC Rules!

The big $30,000 Waterford Crystal Football that signifies the NCAA National Championship Trophy will go once again to the University of Alabama and Head Coach Nick Saban.  That’s especially good for the Tide since they managed to smash the 2011 trophy while it was on display at the University.  No worries there folks, Continue Reading →

Lakers Bettors Finally Cash In As Lakers Get Back To .500

Los Angeles LakersThere was a lot of talk in the preseason that the Los Angeles Lakers were putting together a team that would be all but unbeatable in the NBA.  I mean, just look at the personnel they already had including Kobe, Gasol and Metta World Peace and then add to that already winning combination the name of Dwight Howard and Lakers started saying WOW!  Next off season pick up for Los Angeles turned out to be none other than veteran all pro star Steve Nash. However, somehow it just never even started to jell under then Coach Mike Brown. First Howard, then Gasol and then Nash were hurt and unable to play for various weeks on end.

The Lakers lost all eight pre season games and the players were joking about it.  “Don’t worry about a thing, it’s all under control” was the post game message.   Continue Reading →

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