Do Female Poker Players Have an Edge over Men?

Female Poker PlayerThere are a lot of people in the world today who claim that men and women are exactly the same and can do everything equally. While that might be the case in many circumstances, research shows that it is not true in the world of poker. Believe it or not, female poker players have shown, time and time again, to have quite the advantage over their male counterparts. In fact, women probably could have taken over the game of poker long ago if more of them were willing to step up and try their hand at the game.

The big thing you have to keep in mind, first and foremost, is that female poker players don’t think like males. Women have long been known to be more forward-thinking, more calculated, and more analytical, and that definitely transcends into the poker world. While most male players are thinking about their next hand, most women players, researcher shows, are thinking about the game as a whole. Because they put more thought into the long term consequences of each and every move, female poker players are much more likely to have success at the game.

You have to think too, of how males interact with females. It might not be kosher to say it, but most men underestimate a female player. They automatically think she will not play as well or be as skilled, and this in itself is an advantage for the female. Because most male players are presumptuously dismissive of a female’s poker skills they will not watch them as closely or take her as seriously. This gives the savvy female player the ability to bide their time and come in, do her thing, and completely take over and dominate the game, raking in the big win.

If a female player is, shall we say, attractive, then the men better watch out even more. A la Jennifer Tilley, female players with an attractive edge can sufficiently cause distraction with male players, allowing them to swoop in and take control of the game. Once a girl gambler gets you under her spell you’re in danger of losing more than just your money, so be careful boys.

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