2012 Superbowl Predictions: Playoffs

Super Bowl46With the upcoming Superbowl just a short time away, everyone is crunching the numbers to come up with their own 2012 Super Bowl predictions. Fortunately for bookmakers, a lot of those 2012 Superbowl predictions will turn out to be wrong. The weeks leading up to the Super bowl generate a hefty amount of action as sports bettors who put their faith in the prognostications of others will go for broke. However, the Super bowl its self is the single biggest day of sports betting where over 8 billion dollars will be wagered, world-wide, on Feb.5th at Lucas Oil Stadium. We are chiming in with our 2012 Superbowl Predictions as we rundown the march to the big game starting with the wild card weekend.

First up, let’s take a look at the AFC where there is plenty of speculation between the big 3, Ravens, Steelers and Patriots. Here’s how we see things playing out. In the Texans vs. Bengals game, we’re taking Houston by a slim margin. In the mile high city where there is bound to be snow the Steelers and Broncos face off in what we predict will be a low scoring game with the Steelers winning and the Broncos covering. This would take us to a Texans vs. Ravens game, in which the Ravens are sure to take home the big win against a banged up Houston team. The Steelers will face the Patriots in round 2 but this is not the same unit that went to the Super Bowl last year. They’re banged up and even with the Pats relying on a suspect defense we see them coming out on top. The inconsistent play of Baltimore on the road means the Patriots will be crowned AFC champs again in 2012.

Over in the NFC, we are picking the Giants to upset the Falcons just because of Eli Manning’s late game heroics this year. The Lions against the Saints will be a score fest with New Orleans coming out on top, not wanting to repeat last year’s 1st round upset to Seattle. Now things start getting crazy, we’re picking New York over Green Bay in round 2 as the Pack has shown their soft underbelly in recent weeks. The Saint’s go to San Francisco and man-handle the 49ers. This brings us to an NFC showdown between the Giants and the Saints with the Saints coming out as the NFC champions.

This of course all leads up to the Patriots and the Saints vying for a Super bowl 46 victory. It’s a matchup that is sure to inspire plenty of betting action and could very well be the biggest Super bowl, betting wise, in history. After much debate we have concluded that Drew Brees will continue his record breaking season and give New Orleans another Super Bowl title.

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