Pay Per Head Tips: You Too Can Be A Bookie

Becoming a BookieIn today’s current job market it is sad to see when college graduates have to settle for subpar employment opportunities simply just to make ends meet instead of pursuing their chosen profession.  With most US based companies either downsizing or all together going out of business due to the current economic downturn the American dream is more resembling a nightmare. While most US based businesses are struggling to tread water the offshore bookmaking business is absolutely flourishing!

If you understand sports betting and have a grasp of the online gaming industry you too can be a bookie. If you’ve always wondered about what is takes to be a bookie now is a great time to investigate this thriving profession a bit further. Thanks to pay per head services there has never been a better time to become a bookie than right now!

Odds are that at one time or another most every avid sports bettor has thought about jumping to the other side of the counter to become a bookie. But they really didn’t know what the first step would be and how to go about getting started in the bookmaking business. Nowadays pay per head shops have taken all the guess work out of what it actually takes to be a bookie.

Using a turnkey offshore bookie shop is a great way for newbie bookies to get started as these pay per head services do most of the work for bookies and mostly leave them with paying, collecting and recruiting. The best pay per head shops will help newbie bookies to get started with little or no money down.

These turnkey bookie solutions will provide bookies with sportbetting software, casino software and horsebetting software and most will also provide bookies with your own customized website which can quickly put newbie bookies at another level. Pay per head services will also have 24 hour call centers to make sure that bookies will never miss out on sports betting action!


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