Why Pay per Head Services are the Best Option for Bookmakers

Pay Per Head Services Best OptionThe smartest decision a bookie could ever make is to get started with a pay per head bookmaking service. If you’re still running your sports betting business the old-fashioned way, then you’re making your life unnecessarily hard. The right price per head service can do all of the difficult stuff for you, like keeping track of your players’ bets, handling payouts, and keeping tabs on every single move that your players make. Plus, if you choose an offshore sportsbook, you’ll minimize your risk of getting into trouble. That’s because these sportsbooks operate in areas where gambling and betting are considered legal, thereby allowing you to conduct business without breaking the law.

Another great thing about pay per head bookmaking is that it allows you to offer your players a wide range of options. You don’t have to just give them the chance to bet on traditional sports. No, with a good offshore sportsbook, you can allow them to bet on horses, lesser known sports, and so much more, including out-there things like celebrity awards shows, politics, and even reality television! This can help you to attract new and different clients and to get your current clients spending even more money. Most services even allow your players to engage in online gambling through a casino. These casinos tend to offer games to appeal to anyone and everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned pro. All of this, of course, equals more cash for you.

What’s more is that, with pay per head bookmaking, it’s never been easier for your clients to get their bets in. They can phone them in if they want, or they can go online and place their bets in just a few seconds. With many services, clients can even place their bets using an internet capable mobile device. When it’s so easy for your clients to bet and gamble, they start doing it much more often, which equals more money in your pocket.

These services are also great because they give you easy access to reports on all of your players. That way, you can make important decisions about who needs to stay on your client list and who needs to go. Other options, like the big bet alert, which immediately lets you know when a client places a bet over a certain amount, keep you in the loop and give you tight control over your players and your business. A new NFL season is right around the corner, so there’s never been a better time to get started with a great service.


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