What is Pay Per Head?

What is Pay Per HeadMore and more people involved in the betting industry are asking the question, “What is pay per head?”  and are wondering how pay per head works, as these services seem to be popping up all over the place lately. The easiest way to describe a per head agency is as a sports betting service for bookmakers which allows them to outsource the wagering activities of their clients.

With so many to choose from it is important to know the good ones from the bad. Good sportsbook services work by allowing private bookies to grant their players access to a sportsbook located in an area where betting is legal, such as in Costa Rica. Services that work in such a way are actually professional data processing services, more than they are mere sportsbooks.

Many pay per head services charge a hefty cost per head for each and every player who places a bet or who is listed as a client. The good, truly legitimate ones, however, don’t work that way. Instead of charging a flat cost per head, they work to create a package based upon factors like the number of players, account requirements, and whether a players bets are typically placed over the phone or via the internet. Once a good PPH agency sets a rate for you they won’t hit you up with hidden charges and fees.

Obviously, today’s bookie has to be careful about which services they trust their time and money to, as there are more “chop-shops” out there than top quality price per head services. A good service will never refer to itself as a mere sportsbook, but will instead consider itself a sports betting outsourcing service. Good services will also have a strong reputation and will have been in business for quite some time. Going with an established service is important because it helps to weed out the many fly by night outfits that are running rampant on the internet these days.

Using a betting service is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make as a bookie but you have to do your homework. As in any industry there is good and bad, get to know the people on the other end of the phone, ask questions and always remember that you’re the boss!

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