Top 10 Reasons to Pay Per Head

Top 10 Reasons to Pay Per HeadA Bookie’s job is never done. After spending countless hours going over their sheets, crunching numbers and researching lines and news in preparation for the upcoming games they are bombarded by frantic calls from players trying to get their bets in.

It’s a grind each and every week and when it’s done it’s time to get back to work and do it all over again. Bookies and Bookmakers across the U.S. and around the world often ask themselves if the hassle and long hours are really worth it.

Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up on a lucrative business they are now turning to offshore call and internet services that are now available in Costa Rica. These Pay Per Head solution centers enable the bookmaker to let a qualified agency take care of the nuts and bolts micro management that takes up so much of their time and focus on more important things like making money.

For those who are sitting on the fence or those who are pulling out their last strands of hair in frustration we present the top 10 reasons to move your business offshore to a Pay Per Head service.

  1. Ability to focus on collecting your money and growing your business
  2. Increased betting options for your players. With a bigger handle comes a bigger hold percentage by giving players more ways to lose money.
  3. Improve your organization with accurate reporting using the latest gambling software.
  4. Risk Management is a big part of maximizing your profits. Top tier PPH shops will have a team of line managers that do nothing but watch line moves all day.
  5. Giving your players access to an online Casino and Racetracks will not only make you look like a big shot, it will also give them more ways to lose money to you. Always remember who really built Las Vegas.
  6. By substantially decreasing your exposure in your local area with piles of wager tickets, phone rooms etc. you can avoid any legal entanglements.
  7. Access to secure, state-of-the-art gaming technology allows you to track all bets in real-time and gives no chance for any wager disputes with your players.
  8. With transparent reporting systems and reasonable pricing you can afford to let a PPH service handle the grunt work giving you more freedom to do the things you want to do.
  9. PPH services employ professional people who know the gambling business and have been doing it their whole lives.
  10. When you add it all up the main reason to switch to a Pay Per Head service is because at the end of the day you will make more money.

Pay Per Head services are safe and confidential in countries like Costa Rica but don’t rush into making a hasty decision based on price alone. Shop around for a reputable service that has been in business for a few years and has the infrastructure to handle your player package and give you good support. If you’re serious about taking your bookmaking business to the next level then PPH is worth a look.

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