Price Per Head Companies Offer Bookie Bonuses

Bookie BonusesWith so many price per head services in existence these days, the competition for clients is truly fierce. In order to try and stand out above the rest, many price per head agencies are choosing to offer special bonus offers in the hopes of enticing new clients. These often come in the form of specialty bookie services or just little extras. Let’s take a look at what different price per head companies are offering to their clients as of late.

One of the most common bonuses you’ll see is a number of free weeks of service. Clients are asked to sign up for a service, inputting all of their player user names and passwords along with their own master login and wager restrictions. When the agent is set up and active they will receive anywhere from one to four weeks of service, free of charge. As with any “free” offer it’s a buyer beware situation so be sure to read the fine print before you jump in with both feet. Some companies will use the free weeks along with a low teaser rate to get you in the door only to turn around and jack up the price on you after you get settled. Some will offer free weeks of service but demand some kind of payment or deposit in advance. A good service will offer you the free weeks as a way to try them out. If you are satisfied with the service you receive then of course you are going to stay, if not you can go look for another one

Many services are also offering free sports schedules. The best ones will give you, of course, the best schedules, such as the Don Best rotation schedule. This little bonus is actually a quick and easy way to gauge just how “with it” a particular service is. If you get some knock-off schedule, then you might want to look into choosing a different service.

A few services will also offer agents free play casino chips for their players. The free plays usually value around $25 and give bookies an opportunity to discover for themselves the benefits of online casino. Your players who shied away from the casino before will be more than happy to go in a play with free money.

Those who are already signed up for a service often continue to get special discounts and bonuses here and there, like the loyalty bonus, given to those who sign a new agreement and stay with their current service for another term. Then, there are referral bonuses, which usually result in free weeks of services or a kick back for those who get others to sign up for the service.

While all of these extras might sound great, remember that, at the end of the day, it’s really about what a service will offer you long term, not about some hokey marketing gimmick that only lasts for a moment.

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