Post Up Sportsbooks and Pay Per Head Don’t Mix

Post Up Sportsbook and Pay Per HeadJust about every successful bookie working in the industry today is using a pay per head service. However, not all pay per head sportsbooks are everything that they are cracked up to be. All of them will make big promises to you, but few will actually deliver. One big tip off that a service might not be the best around is if it also deals in post up sportsbooks. These can be described as the underbelly of the industry and should be enough to send you screaming in the opposite direction.

A genuine, reliable pay per head service will have one main purpose—to provide sportsbook betting services to its clients for a fair fee, usually charged on a weekly basis. Services that also have a division in which they function as the bookies themselves, meaning they collect all losses and pay out the winnings, are nothing more than post up sportsbooks. Obviously, it’s quite easy to see the conflict of interest that occurs here.

If a pay per head service is functioning in this way, it is always going to put its own interests ahead of yours. It could inevitably try to take your players from you, convincing them to come over to their post up service instead. It will draw them in by telling them they can receive all kinds of cash bonuses and free plays, casino tournaments, referral bonuses and cash back on losses. These services are smart too—they’ll go after your biggest losers, the ones who make you your money and allow you to turn a profit! So, in essence, you could end up paying someone to steal your clients and put you out of a job. Don’t let this happen—choose a service as carefully as possible, and always avoid any service with a post up division!

The best way to do this is by conducting a lot of careful research before you commit to any one service. Read online reviews of various services and ask them questions directly. Look for a PPH agency that has a long history in the industry and that knows how to deal fairly with its clients.


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