Is Your Pay Per Head Service dealing your players a Sharp Line?

Sharp LinesWe understand that there are a million things you have to consider when choosing a pay per head service. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the factors of your price per head agency.  Instead, focus on the ones that are really important. If you wanted to narrow it down to just one vital factor, you would want to look at how well the service helps you to maintain sharp lines. With tight betting lines in place, you turn a larger profit, plain and simple. Without effective lines management and good risk management strategies to go along with it, however, you will almost certainly lose money when the numbers start to change. Go with a service that has measures in place for effective risk management and that also has a team of professionals watching over your lines around the clock.

Make sure you are choosy with your pay per head service! Remember, any price per head agency can claim to have sharp lines and good risk management in place, but actions speak louder than words. If you run across a service that is doing nothing more than following the line movements on the Don Best screen, then that’s not the one for you! These services don’t really care about you; they are just trying to make a quick buck. Take the time to do your research and to find a service that has proven, effective policies and strategies in place. You owe it to yourself and your business.

The pay per head services you’ll want to select are those that hire professional, experienced line movers and risk management teams. These individuals will be there, watching your lines and letting you know when they see sharp action happening. In addition to doing the bulk of the work for you, the right service will provide you with your own risk management tools, putting you firmly in control of your own business. While it is true that these services might cost you a little bit more upfront, know that it is money well spent and that you’ll soon see a return on your investment.


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