Keeping A Low Profile By Using A Good PPH Service

A Low Profile Equals Safe ZoneBeing a successful bookmaker in these modern times can be a matter of walking a tight line between anonymity and visability. Some visibility is obviously necessary since bookmaking, after all, is a social occupation but there are a few ways to fly under the radar and insulate yourself to some extent from potential trouble.

The federal government continues to disapprove of wagering on sports but enforcement either by state or federal officials is spotty, to say the least. Some bookies have been operating out of the same sports bar for years without any hint of a problem.

Fortunately for bookmakers, a service has evolved over the past 12 years that caters just to professional bookies.  Continue Reading →

Pay Per Head Tips: You Too Can Be A Bookie

Becoming a BookieIn today’s current job market it is sad to see when college graduates have to settle for subpar employment opportunities simply just to make ends meet instead of pursuing their chosen profession.  With most US based companies either downsizing or all together going out of business due to the current economic downturn the American dream is more resembling a nightmare. While most US based businesses are struggling to tread water the offshore bookmaking business is absolutely flourishing! Continue Reading →

Doing Your Due Diligence On Pay Per Player Bookie Services Can Make All The Difference

Pay Per Head Services Best OptionNowadays it seems there is a new pay per player bookie service center opening up in a secure offshore location most every day. This is good news for local bookies that are looking to move their U S based bookmaking businesses to one of these offshore bookie service centers. Even though at this point it is still indeed a bookies market, new offshore bookies must keep in mind that not all pay per player service centers are created equal. In order to be competitive within the thriving pay per player industry and to keep up with the best bookie services there are some vital ingredients that bookie service centers must have in the mix to be successful such as: Continue Reading →

Betting Teasers The Wong Way To Wager

Stanford WongStanford Wong is the pseudonym of world famous gambling author and former professional gambler, John Ferguson.  Ferguson/Wong first published his popular book on gambling, “Professional Blackjack”, way back in 1975 and it remains in print to this day. Mr. Ferguson attended Stanford University in California and was one of the original members of the Blakjack Hall of Fame.  Other publications under the name Stanford Wong include “Wong on Dice” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gambling Like A Pro”. His computer program “Blackjack Analyzer”, initially created for personal use, was one of the first blackjack odds analyzer software programs to hit the market.

Wong first started playing blackjack to make money back in 1976 while teaching finance courses at San Francisco State University and continued while getting his Ph.D in Finance from Stanford.  I’ll bet he didn’t have any student loans hanging over his head after he graduated.    Continue Reading →

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