Modern Online Bookmaker VS. Old School Sports Bookmakers

Old School vs Online BookiesIf you could travel back in time and take a look at how the old time bookmakers used to function as a little as twenty years ago, you would most likely be in shock! Back than bookmakers had to work long, grueling hours, and they had to manage every single aspect of their bookie businesses without the aid of modern technology. They also at all times had to always be conscience of the man breathing down their necks. They certainly didn’t have anything close to what the modern online bookmaker enjoys such as a pay per head services that actually do most of the hard work for them. Of course, even some bookies still to this day today still do things the old fashioned way. Continue Reading →

Pay Per Head Shops that Offer Post Up Accounts is a Red Flag

Post Up Accounts Red FlagIf you’re currently searching out pay per head shops and trying to find the best one to meet your needs, you’ve probably already noticed that most  of them make big promises about what they can do for you and your business. Surely, you’re smart enough not to believe all the hype, but it can still be confusing to determine who’s telling the truth and who’s simply blowing smoke.

One big red flag that you need to be on the lookout for is any pay per head sportsbook that deals with, is partnered up with, or shares a facility with a post up sportsbook. Using one of these type operations can quickly put your hard earned bookie business in serious jeopardy. You could end losing players or even your entire package and they won’t think twice about taking them on. Continue Reading →

Is Your Pay Per Head Service dealing your players a Sharp Line?

Sharp LinesWe understand that there are a million things you have to consider when choosing a pay per head service. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the factors of your price per head agency.  Instead, focus on the ones that are really important. If you wanted to narrow it down to just one vital factor, you would want to look at how well the service helps you to maintain sharp lines. With tight betting lines in place, you turn a larger profit, plain and simple. Without effective lines management and good risk management strategies to go along with it, however, you will almost certainly lose money when the numbers start to change. Go with a service that has measures in place for effective risk management and that also has a team of professionals watching over your lines around the clock. Continue Reading →

Good Bookmakers Know When to Move Their Own Lines

Bookmakers move their own linesMany pay per head services are not committed to letting you make your own decisions and allowing you to be in control of your own business. These are the services that you won’t want to work with! In order to be the best bookie and be profitable in the sports betting industry, you need to have full control over your betting lines. This means being able to manage your sportsbook and, most importantly, have the ability on occasion to move your own lines! While this is important for everyone working in the industry, it is especially vital for the small-town bookies. Continue Reading →

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