A New Tool Kit For Bookmakers

Pay Per HeadThere is a whole new bag of tricks available for the professional bookmaker these days. The era of the smoky sports bar, the pay phone on the back wall and the roll of quarters has given way to the iPad and the SmartPhone.

Even your old trusty beeper and cell phone have been made obsolete by the new technologies available for wagering these days. Modern bookmaking software has enabled the local bookie, via a good price per head company, to offer to his clients any and all of the options offered by the big offshore sports books.

In fact, a quality price per head service provides their clients, who are all bookies, with the tools necessary to run a successful bookmaking business in today’s fast paced climate and actually make money doing it. Continue Reading →

How Working With A Quality PPH Service Can Change Your Life

Pay Per HeadOne of the great things to come out of the computer age is that it is now easier than ever to get down a bet on a football game…or a baseball game, or any other sport that you might take a fancy to… at any time you might feel the urge to wager.

The local bookmaker especially can profit from these new innovations because, for the first time ever, your players are able to wager on sports around the clock from any location where Internet access in available.

Even though you have been working long hard hours to stay on top of your business, no bookie can be available to his players around the clock.  That is where the 24/7 call center becomes so important.  Continue Reading →

The Ins & Outs Of Today’s Bookie Business

Bookies In and OutsIf you are a local bookmaker who has been doing business the ‘old fashioned way’ for years now, you are probably starting to realize that the world out there is changing at a rapid pace.  If you can’t keep up with the changes, it could cost you a lot of money or perhaps even your business.

A helping hand is available in the form of the PPH Services which has been hosting sites for professional bookmakers for years now.  As a matter of fact, that’s all that they do down at Costa Rica… no sportsbook, no handicappers… just the very best bookie services available in the industry today. Continue Reading →

Keeping A Low Profile By Using A Good PPH Service

A Low Profile Equals Safe ZoneBeing a successful bookmaker in these modern times can be a matter of walking a tight line between anonymity and visability. Some visibility is obviously necessary since bookmaking, after all, is a social occupation but there are a few ways to fly under the radar and insulate yourself to some extent from potential trouble.

The federal government continues to disapprove of wagering on sports but enforcement either by state or federal officials is spotty, to say the least. Some bookies have been operating out of the same sports bar for years without any hint of a problem.

Fortunately for bookmakers, a service has evolved over the past 12 years that caters just to professional bookies.  Continue Reading →

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