24 Hour Bookie Call Centers Are A Must For Serious Sports Bookies

Call Center 24 HoursWhen people think about Costa Rica they think about the rainforest, pineapples and beautiful sandy beaches. But those who are in the know realize that Costa Rica is so much more. Costa Ricans are actually sitting on a hidden paradise with beautiful women, legal gambling and places like the world famous Hotel del Rey.

Local bookmakers that have taken their business offshore to Costa Rica are not only safer for doing so but they are also reaping the benefits of the local talent as well as 24 hour bookie call centers. Continue Reading →

Basic Bookmaking Tips: What is a Parlay?

NFL Teams LogosOne of the most popular types of bets among bettors is parlays. This type of bets has become so popular that most bookmaking services have started to offer them on a exclusive section. Basically, parlays are a set of individual bets combined together. They are usually made up of straight bets and totals, although they act as one single wager. The main reason why this type of bets has become popular among players is because it allows to wager on multiple events with just one parlay bet, therefore offering more chances of winning.

How does a parlay bet work?

Parlay bets are mostly used on sports, especially those that feature the standard triple digit odds numbers. Here’s an example of how a parlay would work:

Let’s say you’re interested in a 3-team parlay for the NFL, and your individual wagers are: Continue Reading →

Why Pay per Head Services are the Best Option for Bookmakers

Pay Per Head Services Best OptionThe smartest decision a bookie could ever make is to get started with a pay per head bookmaking service. If you’re still running your sports betting business the old-fashioned way, then you’re making your life unnecessarily hard. The right price per head service can do all of the difficult stuff for you, like keeping track of your players’ bets, handling payouts, and keeping tabs on every single move that your players make. Plus, if you choose an offshore sportsbook, you’ll minimize your risk of getting into trouble. That’s because these sportsbooks operate in areas where gambling and betting are considered legal, thereby allowing you to conduct business without breaking the law. Continue Reading →

What Hold Percentage Bookies Can Expect Using Price per Head

Bookies Hold PercentageWhen you use a professional pay per head service, you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible! It’s important, though, that you understand how bookies make money and what determines their profits. As a bookie, your bottom line is based on your bookie hold percentage. That percentage represents the overall winnings and losses of a player based on their volume of wagers. For example, a player who has placed $100,000 in wagers and who has lost $10,000 will leave you with a bookie hold percentage of 10%. That’s because, after all the wins and losses are settled, you “hold” 10% of their action.

A lot of things can affect your bookie hold percentage and your overall bookie profits. How sharp your lines are, for example, plays a big role in how successful you are and in how much you earn. You need to have a service that maintains the sharpest possible lines and, better yet, that has a line management team in place to constantly watch the lines and make changes as necessary Continue Reading →

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