In the beginning your players will hardly notice that a change has been made.  It’s just a new, attractive website and new phone numbers.  No problem.  Those things tend to change periodically anyway.

It won’t be until after they start to place a few wagers and notice that suddenly everything is now much easier and less stressful than it was before. Problems are solved quickly and efficiently and questions are answered correctly without hesitation. No delays. No downtime. ‘Wow.  We should have made this change years ago’.

That is typically how the transition to Host Pay Per Head Services goes.  Everyone gets happier and life becomes a little easier when you deal with our professional staff which has almost 20 years in the business dealing exclusively with professional bookmakers, like you.

The friendly service agents at HOST PPH have years of experience in player set up as well; making the whole process quick, easy and painless. You will find that our knowledgeable, English speaking staff will have your players ready to wager quickly and efficiently no matter whether you have 10 players or 1000 players.

One very important thing to remember, we will always take your clients wagers, be very nice to them and answer all their questions; however, at the end of the day Host PPH works for you, the professional bookie. Should you find yourself falling behind a certain player, just give us a call at Host and our highly experienced risk management department will analyze the situation and come up with solutions for you.

Over the years, the friendly agents at Host PPH Services have set up hundreds of accounts for bookies and have already handled the vast majority of the situations that come up on a day to day basis which require assistance. Host can help you to make any fine tuning adjustments that are needed.

Host PPH does not run a sports book as a side business and the savvy professional bookmaker should beware of any PPH company that does as they will eventually be in competition for your best players.

What Host PPH does do is to remain very proactive with their agents and the end result of all this hands on help manifests itself in an increase in the bookies weekly hold percentage….meaning your bottom line. Bookies working with Host PPH can expect to be holding around 4% to 7% over the national average.

One of the best aspects of using Host PPH is that all incoming phone calls and Internet wagers are happening down in Costa Rica where wagering on sports has always been legal and licensed. Therefore, when your players place their bets, they will be doing so on our servers, in your back room.

Working with Host PPH, the bookmaker always retains the power and the control to set individual profiles on his players as he sees fit…be it player by player or set up in groups. This allows the bookie to keep his finger on the pulse of his business and to make the necessary adjustments as the need arises.

Call today at 866 601 4878 and let the experienced staff at Host PPH take your local sports wagering business to the next level.

Why the Pros Use Professional Bookmaking Software HostPPH


Why the Pros Use Professional Bookmaking Software HostPPH

For almost 20 years now professional bookmakers have had the opportunity of contracting with an offshore service that provides them with everything they need to operate their business long term, day in and day out, utilizing modern bookmaking software custom-made for the task of simplifying the wagering process.

It’s called PPH, or Pay Per Head, and it evolved specially to come to the aid of local bookies who simply could not keep up with the offerings being put up by the big sports books on-line.

The premier gold-standard in the PPH industry is Host Pay Per Head —

Players like the HostPPH services as well, because it allows them to continue working with a trusted local bookmaker while enjoying all the benefits provided by the professional HostPPH service.

Most bookies who joined up years ago are still with HostPPH today. Their players like the easy-to-read interface that HostPPH bookmaking software provides and bookies everywhere love the easy-to-access, round-the-clock reporting provided which keeps the modern bookie on top of all his action.

Contracting with Host PPH is all inclusive, meaning HostPPH handles everything for the bookie that used to take up so much time and was rather tedious. All that’s left for the bookmaker to do is keep up with his collections and payouts, and let the Host PPH do the rest.

Host PPH provides an excellent English-speaking call center large enough to handle wagering traffic in the hours just before a big event gets underway, featuring knowledgeable and competent clerks working with the best wagering software in the industry.

Another invaluable part of a first class pay Per Head service that keeps savvy bookies working with HostPPH is an experienced line management department. These guys keep the lines that your players see sharp and up to the minute, then post them on your private web page a good a minute or two before they will appear on the public airways. That will serve to increase your bottom line.

In terms of convenience, there is just no comparison. Working with can change your life. No more little black books or complicated excel spreadsheets, those are now a thing of the past.

It will never be necessary to carry around any incriminating paper work when working with a first class pay per head service like HostPPH. Their modern bookmaking software handles all of your record-keeping for you and HostPPH is available 24/7/365 on your computer or mobile device.

Call for your free trial today!

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It wasn’t so long ago that hearing someone talk about a sports book at Wrigley Field would lead one to think that it was part of a joke.  That could never be. Could it?

Although nothing like that has happened as yet, the powers that be among major league teams, in most major sports, are now seriously considering installing betting windows, automated wagering machines, known as kiosks, or even setting up a full on sportsbook, right there within the confines of the park.

Why would they do this?  We might hear tales about popular demand and making the game more fun for the fans, but the real answer is crude and simple, its money.  Lots and lots of money.  Potential revenues from legalized wagering are staggering, both for the professional sports organizations involved as well as for the local and state governments wherein they operate.

As per the recent Supreme Court decision leaving the question of sports wagering in the hands of the individual states, several states, led by New Jersey, have already moved to allow betting on sports at certain venues, namely at established Casinos and Horse Racing Tracks.

As for now, Major League Baseball does not allow any form of wagering facilities, of any kind, within a stadium or ball park.  Ditto with the NBA. Currently there is a major review underway in the state of Illinois considering changing those established rules, with the backing of both MLB and the NBA!

MLB issued a statement saying “We will work with our clubs to explore the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving sports betting landscape in a socially responsible manner”.

Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker, who has already expressed support for the project, is expected to sign a bill, which has already passed the state legislature, that will pave the way for wagering to be legalized via casinos and potentially even allowing sports wagering inside Wrigley Field and similar facilities in the state.

Soldier Field, home of the NFL Chicago Bears, the United Center, where the Bulls and the Blackhawks perform and even Guaranteed Rate Park, the home of the Chicago White Sox would all be included should the bill become law as will any facility accommodating over 17,000 fans for sporting events.

Current plans are for these venues to apply for a license to offer sports betting inside, or within a five block radius, of the facility.  That could get complicated, and expensive. Each venue must apply for a ‘Masters Sports Wagering License’ which will cost them a cool ten million bucks each!  We are talking about the money to be made here once again.

Similar moves are already underway, with the cooperation of MLB and the NBA, in Washington D.C. and New York.  The NFL, as usual, is dragging behind the rest of the world by refusing to comment at all on wagering issues.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Delaware and even Mississippi now host legal, full on sports books where bettors can place their wagers legally for the first time.  The movement is just getting started.

Tom Ricketts, the owner of the Chicago Cubs, who play at Wrigley Field, has recently invested in ‘The Action Network’, which is an established sports betting media outlet, and is even considering starting another radio broadcast featuring sports wagering talk and analysis. The wheels are already in motion.


2019-Cleveland-MLB-All-Star-Game-Guitar-Strings-590x391BREAKAWAY TIME FOR BOOKIES

It’s the slowest week in sports all year long. The NBA and NHL finals are finally over while NFL & NCAA Football is still on the horizon.

Looking back it seems the first half of the major league baseball season went by all too quickly. But here we are and it’s time for MLB to take its annual break at mid season to celebrate their All-Stars Game and let it all hang out at the Home Run Derby.

This will be the 90th MLB All Star Game and it will be hosted this year by the Cleveland Indians at their Progressive Field on July 9th.  Managers for the big game will be Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League and Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox for the American League.

Those games are always a lot of fun for players and fans alike as they are usually played in a more or less lighthearted fashion with the emphasis being on having a good time.  The talent out on the playing field at any one time is amazing and inspiring.

Being the slowest week of the year for bettors and bookies as well, the MLB All-Star Break is the perfect time for professional bookies to perhaps pause and take a look around at modern trends and consider either using a pay per head service for the first time, or, perhaps making a switch to upgrade their current service.

Ask yourself if you are still providing the best possible wagering service for your important clients, or, have the systems you are using gone out of date, or out of style? Are you getting timely and accurate reporting 24/7?  Are your players happy with the wagering software solutions you are offering?

To see what the best in the business has to offer, simply check out and find out how good a truly dedicated pay per head service can be.  This time of the year, HostPPH is offering up to 4 weeks free PPH service with no deposit or obligation, just to try them out.

Then ask yourself the most important question, are you happy with your bottom line?  Would not upgrading to a first quality PPH service serve to increase that figure?

If you are a working bookmaker who is looking to upgrade your current pay per head service, HostPPH offers you a chance to significantly enhance to your wagering offerings and wagering software systems that you and your clients use every day.

The MLB All Star Break is the perfect time of the year to breakaway from your old outdated systems and find out why so many professional bookmakers worldwide have switched over to a quality pay per head service like and started getting more out of life while enjoying ever greater profitability.

Think about it!

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