Doing things right is not always the easiest way to do things.  Short cuts and under the counter deals make a cheapo PPH set up less of a  hassle and less expensive, but then, when crunch time comes, and it will come, the money and time saved on shortcuts will come back on you in ways that were never anticipated in a bare bones set up done on the cheap.

Unfortunately there are too many companies calling themselves pay per head services which do not really qualify as such because they have never invested in the necessary infrastructure to be able to properly provide a PPH service that actually works for today’s professional bookmaker.

All too often a few guys with some experience in post up wagering will set up a PPH shop out of a small office employing just 3 or 4 people to answer the phones and then the farm out everything else, which means that they must rely on outside services to provide phones, internet, lines, customer service, wagering clerks and everything else involved in the pay per head service industry.

Should one of those outside providers goes down for any reason the cheapo PPH guys have no recourse, no way to provide the contracted services and nothing to say except ‘we are sorry’….and that about sums it up.  Sorry preparation produces sorry results and it is the local bookmaker who has contracted the cheapo service to save a few dollars that ends up getting hurt and losing clients because he can’t seem to connect them with a quality on line service that is capable of providing what they have promised their players.

Dependable uninterrupted online and phone service are indispensable in the wagering industry today and the local bookmaker who is unable, or unwilling, to provide that level of quality service will soon find himself in another line of work, or worse.

Host PPH is one of the originators of the Pay Per Head industry and has been providing high quality pay per head service to local bookmakers for almost 20 years now.  The founders of Host PPH long ago made the necessary investments in infrastructure and highly qualified personnel to provide their clients and their players with the absolutely best wagering experience possible.

If you are shopping around for the first time for a pay per head service, you could not do better than contacting the friendly agents at Host PPH and asking them the hard questions that you need to know before making a move.  With Host PPH there is never any deposit or down payment or any other sort of obligation required to get started and nothing to hold you there should you be dissatisfied with the service for any reason at all.  In other words, you have nothing to lose except all the headaches and worries that can overwhelm a local bookie without some outside help these days.

If you are already working with another pay per head service but find yourself continually disappointed and frustrated when your players call you with issues that should have been resolved by the cheapo PPH service you contracted, consider an upgrade to Host PPH Now!  Worse yet they call you asking where the web page went to and why no one is answering the phones to take their wagers. It happens!

But that will never happen to you or your players when you work with a quality Pay Per Head service like Host PPH.  Host employs a highly experienced lines management staff which monitors sports action worldwide 24/7 to keep the lines that your players see just as sharp as possible at all times.

A friendly, courteous and knowledgeable English speaking customer service and wagering staff is also available at all hours of the day and night to take wagers, answer any questions that may arise and to provide solutions should any problems come up.  As an extra level of security all phone calls coming into Host PPH are digitally recorded and available for playback should they ever be needed for reference.

But the real value a bookie receives when working with Host PPH is in the service agents that you will deal with on a daily basis keeping your accounts in order and helping you customize you presentation to maximize the attraction to your local players, who are the backbone of the wagering industry.  In this Host PPH excels in providing personalized attention to each and every detail of your business and helping you to grow and stay free and happy.

Call the friendly folks at Host PPH today at 866 601 4678 and see what a really high quality pay per head service can do for you and your business.



If you like to wager on sports, or perhaps you have clients who like to wager on sports, the month of October offers more wagering options than at any other time of the year. Some sports are just getting started and some are winding down to the nitty-gritty playoffs.

For bookmakers everywhere, this is their high season year after year.  The principal reason for that is the All-American sport of Football featuring both the NFL and NCAA action.

There is an ongoing discussion among Football Fans over whether the best action is found on the professional playing field of the National Football League, or on the spirit infused college campuses across the nation when, the as yet unpaid, student athletes vie for conference and national championships and bring in billions of dollars in revenue to their respective schools.

Some lean toward the professionalism of the NFL, while others thrive on the spirit generated in the NCAA football games.  Whichever you choose, the good news is that you can wager on either or both.  You can even include them in a parlay and bettors far and wide are inspired to place multiple bets each weekend that NCAA & NFL football is in action on their TVs.

For example:  There is a huge game in the SEC this Saturday when the AP #7 Florida Gators travel to Baton Rouge to take on AP #5 LSU in Tiger Stadium on Saturday evening.  Both teams are undefeated going into the contest and anyone who watched Florida topple Auburn last week might wonder at the +13.5 points being given to the Gators against LSU.  Obviously the Tigers are good, but that’s a lot of points.  Expect bettors to jump on it.

Even mighty AP #1 Alabama is only giving +17 points to AP #24Texas A&M playing at Kyle Field in front of a boisterous pro Aggie crowd while the AP #2 Clemson Tigers will be hosting a so far luckless Florida State team as 27 point favorites.

Out West the NCAA action will center on the confrontation when still undefeated AP #6 Oklahoma goes down to visit the Texas Longhorns, whose only loss was to LSU early in the season. The AP #11 Longhorns will be 11 point home dogs against the Sooners.

In the NFL the New England Patriots are still undefeated, what else is new? Of course the Pats are favorites, once again, to win Super Bowl LIV.  On the other hand, after all the hoopla about the Cleveland Browns this year, they appear to be a flop with quarterback Baker Mayfield at the helm.

Worse yet, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets are all still winless.  The Redskins just fired long time head coach Jay Gruden in an effort to improve while the sooner the Jets get rid of Greg ‘effect the head’ Williams, the sooner that team can start to heal.

On the pleasant surprise side, if you are from Louisiana at least, we have Teddy Bridgewater who heard his name chanted and echoed through the Superdome in New Orleans after an outstanding stand-in performance against Tampa Bay in which he threw 4 touchdown passes. TD Teddy!

The Chiefs Patrick Mahomes continues to impress at home even in defeat throwing for 321 yards and one touchdown against a stubborn Colts defense which only gave up one 2nd quarter touchdown to one of the most potent offensives in the NFL.  The final score on 19-13 was 23.5 points under the predicted 55.5 and Indianapolis won the game as 11 point dogs. Go figure!

Opening night of the National Hockey League’s new season got underway with a bang in St. Louis when the Washington Capitals took the defending Stanley Cup Champions into overtime and came away with a 3-2 win to kick off the season. If you can keep up with that little fast moving puck, wagering on NHL action can be fun and exciting.

Then of course we have post season major league baseball.  This is the greatest time of the year for Americans’ favorite pastime and one of the most popular times of the year to wager on baseball.  Once the playoffs are underway, it’s anybody’s race, regardless of their previous records.

The favorite Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves in a one game winner-take-all game with the Washington Nationals on Wednesday to try and continue their dream season.  Meanwhile the St. Louis Cardinals are battling it out with the Atlanta Braves to determine who will move on to the NLDS and take on the winner of the Dodgers vs. Nationals series.

Many would like to see a World Series featuring the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Yankees have already punched their ticket to the ALDS game against either the Houston Astros or the feisty Tampa Bay Rays.

Still on the wagering board we have some good PGA Golf matches featuring the Houston Open and the big annual NASCAR blowout at Talladega down in Alabama plus the NBA is just getting started as well and we always have 24/7 Soccer matches to wager on.

October surely is the best time of the year for bookmakers everywhere!



The agile minds in the software industry working on wagering equipment today have now evolved their products to fill the needs of bookmakers of all sizes and requirements utilizing the very latest in available technology.

Throughout the almost 20 years that Host Pay Per Head services have been in operation, sports book software providers have continually upgraded their products through both constant research, and also by listening to professional bookmakers across the country and then fine tuning their sports betting software to their clients’ needs and wishes.

The wagering software presented to your players must be up to date and of the very finest quality if you want to keep them coming back for more. After all, the degree of quality that your players see and hear from your PPH Service represents you and how you handle your business. Quality is exactly what HostPPH provides for both its clients and their players.

Modern online wagering software presents easy to understand, user friendly software that gets them onto the wagering interfaces quickly and allows them to place their wagers with a minimum of time and effort, anywhere there is WiFi or an Internet connection.

The Agent reporting page of the bookmaking software will provide you the bookie with all of your record keeping information in real time and eliminate the need to ever carry around that incriminating ‘little black book’ anymore.

A really good Pay Per Head Service like HostPPH will offer a multitude of reporting options for you to choose from depending on how you like to run you business.

If a quick overall view is all that you are looking for, simply pick out the reports you wish to review and they will be there for you. If you prefer to micro-manage your business, there are 29 different Agent reports available for you detailing every aspect of your business, in real time.

Modern betting software even allows an agent to move his own lines, be they sides, totals or money lines. You can even hide whole games as well as the sides, totals and money lines on any game and then put them up whenever it suits you best. In short, becoming a bookie has never been easier.

For your players, today’s expanded mobile device options allow them an even faster connection to the betting page. The wagering software employed today cuts directly to the wagering platform, with no buzzers, bells, ads or distractions. Anywhere there is an Internet connection or WiFi, your players can place wagers or play in the online Casino 24/7.

Today’s savvy bookie will always have a good personal contact with an experienced agent when working with HostPPH to back up all of that cutting edge sports betting software. There will always be someone there to talk to.

Host PPH will always have a friendly and knowledgeable personnel available to you or your players to speak with directly in clear English should the need arise as part of their online wagering service. They will also make a clear digital recording of all conversations, such as wagers, should the need ever arise for a review.

Of course all that cutting edge software and equipment is useless unless it is manned by experienced, highly trained personnel who have been working in the wagering industry for years who enjoy what they do and genuinely strive to do the best job possible for their clients, the professional bookmakers.   Host PPH boasts a staff of wagering professionals unequaled in the industry.

After almost 20 years in the pay per head industry, Host PPH has evolved and structured their services based on information and feedback from professional bookies like you.  After all, bookies are the only clients Host has so our services are set up to meet the needs of today’s professional bookmaker.

Make the call today at 866 601 4678, become a HOST PPH bookie, bring your business up to date and let go of all that work and worry!



If your guys like to play the underdogs, watch out this weekend.  There are some huge numbers coming out of Las Vegas early in the week that dog lovers are probably going to jump on.

Surely the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers will beat North Carolina in an ACC battle by more than 26.5 points, right?  Would you bet on that?  How’s about being sure that Nick Saban and #2 Alabama will beat down the unranked Ole Miss Rebels by more than 37.5 points at home in Tuscaloosa?  See what I mean?

Big numbers going up early could mean ‘bookie beware’.

In the lopsided Big 10 Northwestern goes up to the University of Wisconsin in Madison to face the #8 Badgers as 24 point dogs and the #5 Buckeyes of Ohio State go out to Nebraska to take on the Cornhuskers as 17.5 point favorites while the hapless Indiana Hoosiers will travel to Michigan State as 14 point dogs to face the Spartans who just snuck into the top 25 this week.

The Jayhawks of Kansas travel down to Fort Worth to try and tackle the Horned Frogs at TCU as 15.5 point underdogs, but, hasn’t anyone told the oddsmakers about Les Miles as yet?  Watch out for this one!

The highly regarded #6 Oklahoma Sooners will host the Texas Tech Red Raiders as 27 point favorites while Notre Dame, which fell to #10 after putting up a valiant game against the Georgia ‘Bulldawgs’ last week, will host the University of Virginia Cavaliers who, even though they are ranked #18 in the AP poll, still face the Fighting Irish as 11.5 point dogs.

Obviously ‘dog lovers’ will have a field day making their picks this week!

And then there is the SEC. Gus Malzahn and his Auburn Tigers have survived some close calls this season so far and they will host the Mississippi State Bulldogs as 12 point favorites. They expected to cover as this is their only game back home in Alabama during a difficult 5 game stretch which takes them to Gainesville next week to face the # 9 Florida Gators.

The #23 ranked Texas A&M Aggies host the Arkansas Razorbacks in College Station as 23.5 point favorites while the #4 LSU Tigers will have a week off to rest up before facing the ‘other Aggies’ from Utah State at home in Baton Rouge, when, once again, the Tigers will be huge favorites.

So, a word to the wise here.  If you have guys who do well playing the dogs, take a look.  They have an awful lot to choose from this weekend and the spreads may not get any higher all season long.

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