Bookies: Casualties of the Pay Per Head Price Wars

Pay Per Head Price WarsIf you are a bookie, then you are probably already aware of the many wonderful things that using a pay per head service can do for you and your business. Price per head companies can make staying organized, attracting new clients, and just generally running your business so much simpler. However, a big mistake that a lot of bookies make is just simply choosing the cheapest possible service they can find, without giving any real thought to quality or to what they will actually be receiving for their money. The smartest adage a bookie can possibly live by when it comes to this is, “you get what you pay for.” Continue Reading →

Per Head Pricing: What Factors Need to be Considered?

Per Head PricingA bookie doesn’t work the traditional nine to five type job. Instead, he or she works long and seemingly endless hours. Though most of these hours are put in whenever and however the bookie wants to do it, this does not negate the fact that a lot of work has to be done to stay ahead. The good news, however, is that with per head pricing, the work can become a lot more simple and a lot less daunting and overwhelming for the bookie. If a bookie chooses the wrong service, however, he or she could actually be in worse shape and have a harder job to do instead of an easier one.

There are some things to consider and to look for, however, that can clue you in to the type of per head pricing service you are signing up for. If you keep these things in mind and are selective, you can wind up with one of the good guys and thus enjoy many benefits, like increased earnings, less working hours, and less worry and stress. Continue Reading →

What are the Advantages to Using Don Best Schedules?

Don Best SchedulesBookies and bettors alike can benefit from using Don Best schedules. These schedules are some of the most detailed and helpful in the industry. They can help bookies to advise their clients of game times, television broadcasts and rotation numbers so they can make their bets accordingly. Clients can stay informed, make game notes like injury updates and bet based on their own research. No matter who is using the schedules or for what exact purpose, they are a great thing to have. Unlike other schedules which may contain outdated or bad information, these are guaranteed to be accurate and useful for use with a wide variety of different sports. Schedules are available for all games within the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, and more. Continue Reading →

How to Maximize Your Bookmaking Profits by Using a Pay Per Head Service

Maximize Your Bookmaking ProfitsToday, you can choose to be a bookie the old fashioned way, or you can step into the modern world by using a good pay per head service. Not only will you find that your life is suddenly made much easier once you start using a service, but you will also likely see a large increase in your earnings. The main reason for this is that bookies who use PPH services enjoy the expertise of professional risk management teams watching the line. This allows them to cut back on losses and to maximize winnings. It also helps keep those sharp betters in check. Continue Reading →

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