Why Pay per Head Services are the Best Option for Bookmakers

Pay Per Head Services Best OptionThe smartest decision a bookie could ever make is to get started with a pay per head bookmaking service. If you’re still running your sports betting business the old-fashioned way, then you’re making your life unnecessarily hard. The right price per head service can do all of the difficult stuff for you, like keeping track of your players’ bets, handling payouts, and keeping tabs on every single move that your players make. Plus, if you choose an offshore sportsbook, you’ll minimize your risk of getting into trouble. That’s because these sportsbooks operate in areas where gambling and betting are considered legal, thereby allowing you to conduct business without breaking the law. Continue Reading →

What Hold Percentage Bookies Can Expect Using Price per Head

Bookies Hold PercentageWhen you use a professional pay per head service, you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible! It’s important, though, that you understand how bookies make money and what determines their profits. As a bookie, your bottom line is based on your bookie hold percentage. That percentage represents the overall winnings and losses of a player based on their volume of wagers. For example, a player who has placed $100,000 in wagers and who has lost $10,000 will leave you with a bookie hold percentage of 10%. That’s because, after all the wins and losses are settled, you “hold” 10% of their action.

A lot of things can affect your bookie hold percentage and your overall bookie profits. How sharp your lines are, for example, plays a big role in how successful you are and in how much you earn. You need to have a service that maintains the sharpest possible lines and, better yet, that has a line management team in place to constantly watch the lines and make changes as necessary Continue Reading →

Pay per Head Bookies Bank on Solid Line Risk Management

Solid Line Risk ManagementRisk management and line management are incredibly essential to being a successful bookie. If you have sharp lines, then you’re going to have success and turn a larger profit. If your lines aren’t sharp, then you’re likely going to lose money. That sounds very simple, of course, but it takes real, experienced professionals to know how to handle betting lines properly and to keep you in the black! For this reason, it is incredibly important that you choose a pay per head service that understands the importance of maintaining the sharpest possible lines and that has a strategy in place for moving the line when the numbers start to change. If you’re going to succeed, the right people need to be watching your lines at all times!

Of course, all of the services you run across are going to tell you that they value line management. The truth is, though, that the vast majority of services Continue Reading →

Modern Online Bookmaker VS. Old School Sports Bookmakers

Old School vs Online BookiesIf you could travel back in time and take a look at how the old time bookmakers used to function as a little as twenty years ago, you would most likely be in shock! Back than bookmakers had to work long, grueling hours, and they had to manage every single aspect of their bookie businesses without the aid of modern technology. They also at all times had to always be conscience of the man breathing down their necks. They certainly didn’t have anything close to what the modern online bookmaker enjoys such as a pay per head services that actually do most of the hard work for them. Of course, even some bookies still to this day today still do things the old fashioned way. Continue Reading →

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