NFL & NCAA Action Made Easy With Price Per Head Services

NFLMy buddies and I are not what you call really serious sports bettors, but, when NCAA & NFL Football rolls around, we can all usually be found down at the corner sports bar drinking beer and rooting for our favorite teams.  A few years ago we started wagering with offshore sportsbooks and that certainly had its good points.  I mean, 24/7 access to games was something that we never even dreamed of.

A couple of the guys really liked the casino and we all liked to play the ponies from time to time.  On the other hand, wagering with an offshore book was a bit impersonal to us and sending off money to south sea countries was always a bit strange.  The deal breaker came when a couple of us had a really good weekend and the book took almost 6 weeks to get us paid off, little by little.  What kind of deal is that?  All we ever wanted to do was to place some moderate wagers on some football games.  That should be easy, right? Continue Reading →

The Best Pay Per Head Service, How Does My Current PPH Service Measure up?

PPH Services ShowdownIt is no secret that some offshore pay per head services that are far better than others, especially when it comes to the quality of their overall pph service. But how does an offshore bookie know if the service that he is currently receiving above or below par with the rest of the pay per head industry?

Here are the 10 most important questions that bookies need to be able to answer in order to gauge whether the quality of their current pph service is worth the price that they are paying per head.

Longevity: Has your current pay per head service been in business for at least 5 years? Continue Reading →

USA Sportsbooks vs. Offshore Sportsbooks Located in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Per Head CentersPay Per Head 101 is know within the offshore pay per head industry as the bookies guide to success.  In fact Pay Per Head 101 has just recently concluded an extensive survey of both avid sports bettors and sports bookies regarding the pros & cons of using either a USA sportsbook versus an offshore sportsbook. You might find the results of this survey surprising.


Most offshore sportsbooks are located within jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, Curacao and Panama where online sportsbetting is not only legal, but accepted and thriving! Continue Reading →

24 Hour Bookie Call Centers Are A Must For Serious Sports Bookies

Call Center 24 HoursWhen people think about Costa Rica they think about the rainforest, pineapples and beautiful sandy beaches. But those who are in the know realize that Costa Rica is so much more. Costa Ricans are actually sitting on a hidden paradise with beautiful women, legal gambling and places like the world famous Hotel del Rey.

Local bookmakers that have taken their business offshore to Costa Rica are not only safer for doing so but they are also reaping the benefits of the local talent as well as 24 hour bookie call centers. Continue Reading →

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