Keeping A Low Profile By Using A Good PPH Service

A Low Profile Equals Safe ZoneBeing a successful bookmaker in these modern times can be a matter of walking a tight line between anonymity and visability. Some visibility is obviously necessary since bookmaking, after all, is a social occupation but there are a few ways to fly under the radar and insulate yourself to some extent from potential trouble.

The federal government continues to disapprove of wagering on sports but enforcement either by state or federal officials is spotty, to say the least. Some bookies have been operating out of the same sports bar for years without any hint of a problem.

Fortunately for bookmakers, a service has evolved over the past 12 years that caters just to professional bookies.  In fact, the best of these price per head companies actually learned their business from talking to and listening to guys just like you who are looking for a way to keep up with their changing business needs.

What a good price per head service will do for you is to provide your clients with full on access to wagering on sporting events from around the world at any time of the day or night. The best of these companies also include an attractive casino as well as complete racebook action.

One of the features that bookies like most about working with a first class PPH service is that they can do individual profiling on each and every one of their players thus keeping their fingers on the pulse of their business at all times.

The actual wagering, be if over the phone or via the Internet, takes place down in sunny Costa Rica where wagering of sports is legal and licensed and no longer in the bookies back room. That alone provides one more level of insulation to keep the bookie on the street and out of trouble.

A couple of what should be rather obvious points… like the older guys told you back when you first became a bookie, don’t ever use your real name, get yourself a good ‘handle.’ And don’t forget, be careful on the phone. Like they say, ‘you know, but you never know.’ Use throw-away phones and change them often.

Contracting a good price per head service company is the single biggest step that a bookmaker can take towards protecting himself from any little problems that might come up.  Your players will appreciate service and the majority of the day to day work will all be taken care of for you by the service.

Make the call today and see for yourself.

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