Internet Privacy: What Every Bookie Needs To Know (Must Read!)

Internet Privacy For BookiesProtecting your privacy in today’s fast paced world of technology should be of a primary importance to you especially if you are a bookie. It seems like every day we hear news reports about how companies are changing their privacy policies and government agencies enact new laws that seem to want to strip the average citizen of their privacy when they go online. To help you stay under the radar we have put together a few suggestions on things to be aware of when you are conducting your bookie business.

Google: Google recently combined the various privacy policies of all of their products into one. They have openly stated that if you have a Google account, Gmail, Android, Youtube or use any of their other services, you will be tracked. Their stated goal is to be able to develop a system that will respond to your search requests based on your previous searches and internet surfing habits. They will essentially build a file on the name associated with the user account for every website you visit while logged in. To disassociate yourself from online searches one simple action is to not be logged in while you surf, although your I.P. address will still be recorded. Another option is to use a search engine like that does everything Google does without having to worry about being tracked.

Facebook, Twitter and Messaging: Even if you set up an account using an alias you need to keep in mind that 1) Your activities can still be traced to your I.P. address and 2) Information that is exchanged on these sites can never really be deleted. By now we have all heard the stories about people who posted their shenanigans on Facebook only to have the police knocking on their door with an arrest warrant.

Smart Phones: It is now common knowledge that Smart Phones may not be the smartest choice if you are looking for complete privacy. All Smart Phones have GPS tracking systems which means that when your phone is turned on your exact location can be pinpointed by whoever is interested in your whereabouts. As if that wasn’t enough it has also been demonstrated that the phones can be hacked or infected with viral code which allows the hackers to listen to every call.

The point of this article is not to make you paranoid but rather to alert you to the reality of being on a hyper connected communication system. For most bookmakers the law could care less about your rinky-dink gambling business, they tend to focus on bagging big fish and mafia types so if you have less than 100 players you shouldn’t worry too much. However, if you are careless with your online activities then don’t be surprised to find out that everyone knows your business.

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