Good Bookmakers Know When to Move Their Own Lines

Bookmakers move their own linesMany pay per head services are not committed to letting you make your own decisions and allowing you to be in control of your own business. These are the services that you won’t want to work with! In order to be the best bookie and be profitable in the sports betting industry, you need to have full control over your betting lines. This means being able to manage your sportsbook and, most importantly, have the ability on occasion to move your own lines! While this is important for everyone working in the industry, it is especially vital for the small-town bookies.

The reason this ability to control betting lines is especially important for local bookies is because these bookies aren’t usually dealing in sports betting in diverse areas, nor are they regularly taking bets from diverse players. Instead, they are often stuck with players who go after the same betting lines week after week, using those lines resting on the local players and favorite teams. Being able to move your own lines allows you to take control and to adjust the lines as necessary to turn a profit. Remember, as a bookie, your clients should be the ones taking chances—not you!

Of course, don’t just assume that this means everything will be taken care of. As a bookie, it’s still up to you to do some serious work on your betting lines. You have to move your own lines responsibly, not just on a whim! Remember that today’s players are educated about sports betting and, even if they’re not, they can easily go online and check to see if that drastic move you’ve made is legitimate or not. So, exercise caution with your sportsbook and put some real thought into your line moves.

When you move your own lines, always remember the ten most important point spreads! They are 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 17 Furthermore, never be afraid to move the juice; it will cause your players to have to risk more. Also, feel free to add in a half-point or a hook when you need to ensure a result.

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