For Pay Per Head Bookies, Redundancy is Essential

Pay Per Head Services RedundancyIn today’s world the vast majority of pay per head bookies use a special software, offered through a service, in order to manage their businesses and their clients. The important thing to understand is that these services are largely unregulated, which means it is far too easy to choose one that will take big risks with your business and cut important corners. These services are usually offered very cheaply, which allows them to attract a lot of clients, but the clients they do attract almost always leave sorry and wishing that they’d gone with a slightly more costly but much better all-around service.

One of the big ways in which the pay per head bookie software companies cut corners is to operate a website that isn’t very well maintained. They won’t have redundancy systems in place or backups, so the site can go through a lot of downtime. This downtime can happen anytime, including during peak betting times and the pay per head bookies relying on the service will simply be out of luck and losing money. Plus, clients of the bookies often grow frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

You could essentially see the business you’ve worked so hard to form crumble right in front of your eyes. Though there are lots of important qualities to look for in a pay per head bookie software, always make sure you ask directly about redundancy and backups systems. If a service doesn’t have a redundancy system in place, then take your business elsewhere, plain and simple. You need to know that your clients will be able to place bets and gamble anytime they want to. After all, that is what makes you money and it’s the whole reason you are using a service in the first place.

Don’t just rely on what you read, either. There are lots of thinly veiled advertisements out there that will play up all of the benefits of a particular service. You need to do the research yourself by reading neutral sites offering customer reviews and, most importantly, by talking to the service’s representatives directly.


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