Costa Rica is the Mecca for Per Head Outsourcing Centers

Costa Rica Per Head CentersOffshore betting takes place all over the world, but nowhere is it more common than in  Costa Rica, which is the top location for sportsbook management services and pay per head services, and with good reason. First of all, the big reason that Costa Rica is the center of the pay per head world is that, in this country, sports betting is legal. This means that when people place their bets and they are processed through one of the many call centers in Costa Rica, nothing illegal is transpiring due to the fact that the call center in Costa Rica is located where this activity is fully allowed. In other words, the actual betting takes place in a legal zone, so there’s virtually no risk.

For those who are actually considering a visit to the area, either to work in the PPH industry or perhaps just to do some legal betting and gaming, there really is no better or more beautiful place to be. The area is often described as Paradise, thanks to its lush beaches, fresh and delicious fruits, and its clear weather. This is also not to mention the relaxed, laid back atmosphere and the incredibly beautiful women who love the Gringo tourists.

Those who are in the sports betting or general gambling industry now comprise a large portion of the ex-pat population and have created a comfortable home away from home. Not only have they invested millions of dollars in building up the offshore gaming industry from nothing but they have made significant investments in side businesses and housing as well. The business community in Costa Rica has welcomed the influx of Yankees who freely spend their money in the local bars and restaurants. The American and Costa Rican cultures have become increasingly entwined over the decades to the point that Ticos join in major celebrations like Thanksgiving, the 4th of July and the Super Bowl.

One extremely positive result of Costa Rica’s welcoming stance to the sportsbook industry over the last 30 years is that it has attracted many of the best and brightest minds in the gambling business. Line makers and managers who have grown tired of the grind, politics and hassles in the US have found new life in this southern paradise, much to the delight of pay per head bookmakers.

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