Price Per Head Service; Cheap Price is a Recipe for Disaster!

Lowest PriceMore and more bookies are turning to professional Pay Per Head services in Costa Rica which can greatly enhance the wagering options and volume of bets for their players thus increasing their profits. Over the past year many new Pay Per Head or PPH offices have sprung up over night to take advantage of the growing demand. This has resulted in a lot of what are known as “chop-shops” opening stores and offering cut rate prices on service by cutting corners and taking huge risks with peoples business.

The reality with taking your bookmaking business offshore is that you are entering an established yet unregulated industry. Over the past 30 years Costa Rica has proven itself as the go to place for bookies and players alike when it comes to safe and secure gambling outlets. Unfortunately it remains a buyer beware business where the #1 rule is due diligence.

1)      Bookmaking is a business so treat it as such. If you were running a burger joint would you serve your customers suspect meat just to save a buck?

2)      Sharp lines and risk management will make you more profitable so don’t get talked into doing business with amateurs who run copy and paste #’s without understanding the reasons behind them.

3)      The best way to be sure you are dealing with a Pay Per Head service that can go the distance is to find out how long they have been in business.  Longevity shows stability and should give you confidence in moving your players there.

4)      Don’t be fooled by bells and whistles. Gambling Software has advanced to the point where differences between one store over another will be minor. What you should be concerned with is a company’s infrastructure. Security, database storage, player reporting and true redundancy are key elements to running a successful sports book.

5)      The deciding factor above all others is service. You should approach your search for a Pay Per Head Service the same way you would make an investment or buy insurance. Will they be there for you when you need them? Will they be proactive and responsive to your particular needs? Are they knowledgeable and professional people that you can build a business relationship with?

In the end you must DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Talk to people you trust, call around to different companies and compare features, ask for a free trial period and test logins to check out their back-end reporting before you commit. In the end trust your own intuition, if a price seems too good to be true compared to others it probably is. If your Pay Per Head service crashes on NFL Sunday the extra dollars you could have paid for reliability will seem like nothing compared to the lost business from angry players.

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