Build Your Own Sportsbook & Online Casino with Pay Per Head Services

Sports and GamblingSo you want to be a bookie and or sportsbook owner but you never actually knew just how to go about it? Well if that’s indeed the case finally making your dream a reality has never been easier due to offshore pay per head shops. Most times this can be accomplished with no upfront or very little money down. Most any reputable pay per head outfit will help you to quickly put together your very own offshore sportsbook, race book and casino. These types of turnkey gaming solutions can quickly become very profitable ventures.

For branding purposes you can actually choose your very own domain name which most times can be purchased on your behalf and hosted normally free of charge by your pay per head provider.

Most first rate pay per head shops will also have an in-house graphics department that will create your customized online gaming website or sometimes referred to as a skin. This process normally takes 24 to 48 hours depending on how in depth your graphic taste is.

Your pay per head service will provide you with online gaming software so that your players can place sports wagers either over the telephone or internet anytime 24/7/365. You’ll also have the option to add both horseracing & casino software.

As the bookie you will determine your sportsbooks overall gaming profile and also determine your overall limits and wager types. You’ll also be able to set up & manage your bettors and their weekly limits. All of this can be done online and adjusted at a moment’s notice!

Most turnkey sportsbook softwares will also feature backend reporting for the agent/bookie. This variety of reports will allow bookies to always have your finger on the pulse of their business and all reports are in real time!

So whether you’re a season pro or just starting out pay per head turnkey gaming solutions are truly only a phone call away, so what are you waiting for?

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