What Hold Percentage Bookies Can Expect Using Price per Head

Bookies Hold PercentageWhen you use a professional pay per head service, you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible! It’s important, though, that you understand how bookies make money and what determines their profits. As a bookie, your bottom line is based on your bookie hold percentage. That percentage represents the overall winnings and losses of a player based on their volume of wagers. For example, a player who has placed $100,000 in wagers and who has lost $10,000 will leave you with a bookie hold percentage of 10%. That’s because, after all the wins and losses are settled, you “hold” 10% of their action.

A lot of things can affect your bookie hold percentage and your overall bookie profits. How sharp your lines are, for example, plays a big role in how successful you are and in how much you earn. You need to have a service that maintains the sharpest possible lines and, better yet, that has a line management team in place to constantly watch the lines and make changes as necessary. Furthermore, you should be capable of moving the lines as you wish. Without sharp lines, your players will take advantage and will come out on top! With them, though, your profits are guaranteed to rise.

Risk management is incredibly important as well. Probably the most effective risk management strategy is to simply keep tabs on your players. When you notice someone winning fairly regularly, then you start watching that particular player even more closely. Eventually, you’ll have to decide whether you want to kick that player to the curb or try out strategies to reduce his or her winning frequency. This is easy to do when you have a service that provides you with a wide variety of risk management tools and that gives you access to customizable reports on your players and what they’re doing. Not only will you earn more money this way, but you’ll also have tighter control over your own business which is the way it should be in the first place!

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