Bookies Cash in Big Time on the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby = Big Cash For BookiesFor the past few years, the Kentucky Derby hasn’t really been regarded as that big of a deal. Well, this year changed all that, bringing one of the most legendary events in horseracing back to life. One big thing that really helped this horse racing competition to win back its appeal is the fact that so many celebrities came out to the race this year. This includes Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, both with their significant others, and many more. The large turnout of celebrities helped to bring the number of viewers to an impressive 14.8 million, which is the highest number in the last six years!

It’s not just the network television executives who were happy about the increased viewership of the Kentucky Derby. Bookmakers around the world were thrilled as well. Those who offer horseracing betting capabilities to their players saw a huge increase in betting action for the sport. Many of these bookies had been offering horse betting for years with no takers, only to finally see their diligence pay off!

It’s important to understand that even those players who do not normally bet on horses are very likely to place bets on a prestigious race like the Kentucky Derby especially now that it’s experiencing a huge resurgence. There is just so much media coverage that people can’t help but want to get involved and to place bets. You can also encourage your players to bet yourself. Talk up the Kentucky Derby and get them hyped and ready to go. Be sure you don’t let your players know, however, that the most recent winner of the derby, “I’ll Have Another” was a mid-level long shot at 15-1, which meant a huge payday for bookmaking professionals and huge losses for the players who piled on the favorites.

Finally, remember that it’s not just the horses you need to get your players wagering on. You really should be offering them wagering opportunities outside of the normal football, basketball, and other popular sports. That way, they’ll be placing bets even when their favorite sports season has ended. This means you can make money all year long, not just experience a huge surge at one time of the year and a huge decline at another. Offer lesser known sports, online casino opportunities, and even chances to bet on things like television shows and politics, and you’ll appeal to (and make money off of!) a wide range of clients.

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