A New Tool Kit For Bookmakers

Pay Per HeadThere is a whole new bag of tricks available for the professional bookmaker these days. The era of the smoky sports bar, the pay phone on the back wall and the roll of quarters has given way to the iPad and the SmartPhone.

Even your old trusty beeper and cell phone have been made obsolete by the new technologies available for wagering these days. Modern bookmaking software has enabled the local bookie, via a good price per head company, to offer to his clients any and all of the options offered by the big offshore sports books.

In fact, a quality price per head service provides their clients, who are all bookies, with the tools necessary to run a successful bookmaking business in today’s fast paced climate and actually make money doing it.

Never before has the local bookie had a service available that not only provided world-wide sports action around the clock, but the service even grades the games for you and keeps track of all of your record keeping constantly updated and available via a secure internet connection 24/7.

Additionally, and even better, the PPH Service employs a team of line management professionals that works around the clock to make sure that the lines your players see are kept just as sharp as possible at all times. That part of the deal alone will make you money when all is said and done.

The experienced client service reps at a good PPH Company will work with you in every way possible to help minimize your risks while maximizing your profits.  The bookmaker will be able to stay on top of his player’s action to a degree never before possible.  Features such as the Live Bet Ticker show you all your action as it comes in… in real time.

A Delay Option is also available to keep an eye on your sharp players and even a Big Bet Alert which can be set for wagers of any amount. When a bet comes in which exceeds that amount, the bookmaker will be advised by means of an audible signal alerting him or her that the bet has been made.

Working with a good PPH Service, a bookmaker will even have the option to move his own lines should he deem it necessary to do so.  If your bettors are going to be coming down heavily on the local favorite, no matter what the spread, the bookie can move the line as he sees fit.

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