24 Hour Bookie Call Centers Are A Must For Serious Sports Bookies

Call Center 24 HoursWhen people think about Costa Rica they think about the rainforest, pineapples and beautiful sandy beaches. But those who are in the know realize that Costa Rica is so much more. Costa Ricans are actually sitting on a hidden paradise with beautiful women, legal gambling and places like the world famous Hotel del Rey.

Local bookmakers that have taken their business offshore to Costa Rica are not only safer for doing so but they are also reaping the benefits of the local talent as well as 24 hour bookie call centers.  Costa Rica is the home to many online sportsbook sites as well as pay per head services. This is due to Costa Rica’s friendly stance towards online gambling which has been a thriving industry for over a decade.

The best bookie call centers will employ all English speaking wagering clerks who understand the sportsbetting industry as well as the bettors lingo. Sports bookies who hook up with these pph sportsbooks will quickly increase their profits simply due to the amount of sport bets they will be able to take when using a bookie call center. This means no more countless hours spent taking bets over the phone which free up sports bookies to simply pay, collect and recruit!

Look at it this way, old time bookies would normally only be open for business the day of the game and would be limited because of manpower and phone lines. This is now a thing of the past because of bookie call centers. Most bookie call centers will offers bookmaking agents a toll free number that can be accessed by any telephone or any smart phone or mobile device, around the clock! A good pay per head service will employ anywhere from 50 to 200 English speaking wagering clerks to take sports bets around the clock 24 hours a day.  And most sporting events will be available to bet on a week in advance, getting the picture?

Bookie call centers have changed the way that the old time bookmakers do business and due to competitive pay per head pricing bookies are in the driver’s seat and never have to worry about getting pulled over for a speeding ticket due to everything taking place in Costa, Rica…..Pura Vida!

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