The PPH Demo Will Show You How It Is Done

Free PPH DemoIf you are a local bookie who has never used a good pph service, check out a demo to see just what it is that they have to offer you. If you have been doing it all yourself, the old fashioned way, you have a treat in store for you.

All price per head companies are not created equal. There are some very professional ones that have been in business for over a decade, and then there are a bunch of copy cat companies who claim to offer the same service, but have not invested in the staff or the infrastructure to back up their claims. Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Sportsbook & Online Casino with Pay Per Head Services

Sports and GamblingSo you want to be a bookie and or sportsbook owner but you never actually knew just how to go about it? Well if that’s indeed the case finally making your dream a reality has never been easier due to offshore pay per head shops. Most times this can be accomplished with no upfront or very little money down. Most any reputable pay per head outfit will help you to quickly put together your very own offshore sportsbook, race book and casino. These types of turnkey gaming solutions can quickly become very profitable ventures.

For branding purposes you can actually choose your very own domain name which most times can be purchased on your behalf and hosted normally free of charge by your pay per head provider. Continue Reading →

A New Tool Kit For Bookmakers

Pay Per HeadThere is a whole new bag of tricks available for the professional bookmaker these days. The era of the smoky sports bar, the pay phone on the back wall and the roll of quarters has given way to the iPad and the SmartPhone.

Even your old trusty beeper and cell phone have been made obsolete by the new technologies available for wagering these days. Modern bookmaking software has enabled the local bookie, via a good price per head company, to offer to his clients any and all of the options offered by the big offshore sports books.

In fact, a quality price per head service provides their clients, who are all bookies, with the tools necessary to run a successful bookmaking business in today’s fast paced climate and actually make money doing it. Continue Reading →

How Working With A Quality PPH Service Can Change Your Life

Pay Per HeadOne of the great things to come out of the computer age is that it is now easier than ever to get down a bet on a football game…or a baseball game, or any other sport that you might take a fancy to… at any time you might feel the urge to wager.

The local bookmaker especially can profit from these new innovations because, for the first time ever, your players are able to wager on sports around the clock from any location where Internet access in available.

Even though you have been working long hard hours to stay on top of your business, no bookie can be available to his players around the clock.  That is where the 24/7 call center becomes so important.  Continue Reading →

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