How things have changed for the local bookie these days.  Thanks to the advent of modern wagering software utilizing cutting edge technology, today’s ‘local guy’ is now able to offer to his clients any of the varied wagering options being offered by the major sports books, including worldwide sports action as well as attractive and profitable casino games and race book …available on their mobile devices any where there is WiFi, around the clock.

Some of the best and brightest minds in the software industry today are working on wagering software.  The tools that a modern bookmaker has available these days bear little resemblance to the guy hanging on the pay phone on the back wall of a sports bar with a roll of quarters in one hand and his little black book in the other.

Today’s successful bookmaker wants to offer maximum sports book betting opportunities for this clients to wager on presented on an attractive, easy to use format.  Now, with the simple touch of a few buttons, a bettor can place his wagers on his mobile device from anywhere he happens to be.

On the other hand, you as an agent can utilize your mobile device to manipulate the parameters under which your players wager.  Need to change one player’s limits?  Just tap it in and it’s done. Should you want to block one of your players from the Casino, or change his daily win/loss limits, once again, this can be done in moments, no matter where the modern bookmaker finds himself at the time.  That’s how much modern software can do for you.

The wagering software presented to your players must be up to date, attractive and of the very finest quality if you want to keep your best clients coming back for more. After all, what your players see and hear from your PPH Service represents you and how you handle your business. Would you rather pick up your clients at the airport in a Chevy or a Mercedes?  It’s up to you.

Never mind that a first class PPH service like HOST costs a little bit more than the cheap shops.  You will end up increasing your hold percentage at the end of the month anyway, plus have many fewer hassles to deal with.  Beware of some slick sales person offering you super service at an incredibly low price.

In fact, the quickest way to kill a good bookie business these days is to offer your clients a second-rate service to wager with.  Remember that the price per head service that you contract to host your players is actually representing you.  Of course you want the best presentation available when your business is at stake.

Today’s software for betting has now evolved to fill the needs of bookmakers of all sizes and requirements.  For almost 20 years now Host Pay Per Head services have been in operation working exclusively with professional bookmakers like you and the wagering software providers have continually upgraded their products through both constant research, and also by listening to bookmakers across the country and then fine tuning their sports betting software to their clients’ needs and wishes.

Modern online betting services present easy to understand, user friendly software that gets them onto the wagering interfaces quickly and allows them to place their wagers with a minimum of time and effort.

The reporting bookie software page will provide you the bookie with all of your record keeping information in real time and eliminate the need to carry around that incriminating ‘little black book’ anymore.

Make the call today toll free to 866 601 4678, join the professionals and become a HOST PPH Agent; then let go of all that work and worry.



Remember back when the word ‘Deluxe’ used to mean something special.  Manufactures and companies would proudly affix the ‘Deluxe’ label to the products representing their best efforts in production or service. Back then a car carrying the ‘Deluxe’ label was something special, an upgrade from the ordinary.

The term ‘Deluxe’ still applies today when it comes to the extraordinary pay per head service offered to professional bookmakers by HostPPH.com down in Costa Rica. Deluxe in this case translates into a quality service featuring the latest in bookmaking software with experienced knowledgeable agents to answer questions and facilitate actions between a bookie and his players.

Host PPH was one of the very first companies to offer pay per head services almost 20 years ago and they continue to be the leader in the PPH industry today offering the most up to date systems to provide the best possible experience for both bookie and player.

One of the principal things that set Host PPH Services head and shoulders above the rest of the price per head companies in the industry is our group of dedicated service agents which works exclusively with professional bookmakers and their accounts.

The service agents at HOST PPH have years of experience in player set up making the whole experience quick, easy and painless. You will find that their knowledgeable, English speaking staff will have your players ready to wager quickly and efficiently no matter whether you have 10 players or 1000 players.

Host does not run a sports book as a side business and the savvy professional bookmaker should beware of any PPH company that does also run a sportsbook as they will eventually be in direct competition for your best players.

What Host PPH does do is to remain very proactive with their agents and the end result of all this hands on help is an increase in each bookies weekly hold percentage….meaning your bottom line. Bookies working with Host PPH can expect to be holding around 4% to 7% over the national average.

Over the years, the friendly experienced agents at Host PPH Services have set up hundreds of accounts for bookies and have already handled the vast majority of the situations that come up on a day to day basis which require assistance. They can help you to make any fine tuning adjustments that are needed and provide an easy, seamless transition for new agents.

One of the best aspects of using Host PPH is that all incoming phone calls and Internet wagers are happening down in Costa Rica where wagering on sports has always been legal and licensed. Therefore, when your players call in to place their bets, they will not be doing so in your back room.

Working with Host PPH.com the bookmaker always retains the power and the control to set individual profiles on his players as he sees fit…be it player by player or set up in groups. This allows the bookmaker to keep his finger on the pulse of his business and to make the necessary adjustments as the need arises.

The experienced risk and line management professionals at HostPPH will work with you to minimize your risks while maximizing your profits by making sure that you and your players are always dealing with the sharpest lines and up to the minute odds.

Call today and let the friendly folks down at Host PPH take your local sports wagering business to the next level for the upcoming high season and beyond.

Why the Pros Use Professional Bookmaking Software HostPPH


Why the Pros Use Professional Bookmaking Software HostPPH

For almost 20 years now professional bookmakers have had the opportunity of contracting with an offshore service that provides them with everything they need to operate their business long term, day in and day out, utilizing modern bookmaking software custom-made for the task of simplifying the wagering process.

It’s called PPH, or Pay Per Head, and it evolved specially to come to the aid of local bookies who simply could not keep up with the offerings being put up by the big sports books on-line.

The premier gold-standard in the PPH industry is Host Pay Per Head —  HostPPH.com

Players like the HostPPH services as well, because it allows them to continue working with a trusted local bookmaker while enjoying all the benefits provided by the professional HostPPH service.

Most bookies who joined up years ago are still with HostPPH today. Their players like the easy-to-read interface that HostPPH bookmaking software provides and bookies everywhere love the easy-to-access, round-the-clock reporting provided which keeps the modern bookie on top of all his action.

Contracting with Host PPH is all inclusive, meaning HostPPH handles everything for the bookie that used to take up so much time and was rather tedious. All that’s left for the bookmaker to do is keep up with his collections and payouts, and let the Host PPH do the rest.

Host PPH provides an excellent English-speaking call center large enough to handle wagering traffic in the hours just before a big event gets underway, featuring knowledgeable and competent clerks working with the best wagering software in the industry.

Another invaluable part of a first class pay Per Head service that keeps savvy bookies working with HostPPH is an experienced line management department. These guys keep the lines that your players see sharp and up to the minute, then post them on your private web page a good a minute or two before they will appear on the public airways. That will serve to increase your bottom line.

In terms of convenience, there is just no comparison. Working with HostPPH.com can change your life. No more little black books or complicated excel spreadsheets, those are now a thing of the past.

It will never be necessary to carry around any incriminating paper work when working with a first class pay per head service like HostPPH. Their modern bookmaking software handles all of your record-keeping for you and HostPPH is available 24/7/365 on your computer or mobile device.

Call for your free trial today!

877-644-4678 or 866-601-4678


2019-Cleveland-MLB-All-Star-Game-Guitar-Strings-590x391BREAKAWAY TIME FOR BOOKIES

It’s the slowest week in sports all year long. The NBA and NHL finals are finally over while NFL & NCAA Football is still on the horizon.

Looking back it seems the first half of the major league baseball season went by all too quickly. But here we are and it’s time for MLB to take its annual break at mid season to celebrate their All-Stars Game and let it all hang out at the Home Run Derby.

This will be the 90th MLB All Star Game and it will be hosted this year by the Cleveland Indians at their Progressive Field on July 9th.  Managers for the big game will be Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League and Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox for the American League.

Those games are always a lot of fun for players and fans alike as they are usually played in a more or less lighthearted fashion with the emphasis being on having a good time.  The talent out on the playing field at any one time is amazing and inspiring.

Being the slowest week of the year for bettors and bookies as well, the MLB All-Star Break is the perfect time for professional bookies to perhaps pause and take a look around at modern trends and consider either using a pay per head service for the first time, or, perhaps making a switch to upgrade their current service.

Ask yourself if you are still providing the best possible wagering service for your important clients, or, have the systems you are using gone out of date, or out of style? Are you getting timely and accurate reporting 24/7?  Are your players happy with the wagering software solutions you are offering?

To see what the best in the business has to offer, simply check out HostPPH.com and find out how good a truly dedicated pay per head service can be.  This time of the year, HostPPH is offering up to 4 weeks free PPH service with no deposit or obligation, just to try them out.

Then ask yourself the most important question, are you happy with your bottom line?  Would not upgrading to a first quality PPH service serve to increase that figure?

If you are a working bookmaker who is looking to upgrade your current pay per head service, HostPPH offers you a chance to significantly enhance to your wagering offerings and wagering software systems that you and your clients use every day.

The MLB All Star Break is the perfect time of the year to breakaway from your old outdated systems and find out why so many professional bookmakers worldwide have switched over to a quality pay per head service like HostPPH.com and started getting more out of life while enjoying ever greater profitability.

Think about it!

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