HAPPY BOOKIETaking your neighborhood sports bookie business out of the local sports bar and onto the Internet is a big move, probably one of the most important decisions that a local bookie can make. But, look around you. One by one, local bookies are making the transition to a quality pay per head service company to provide attractive wagering options to their clients while assisting them with the everyday details of the business such as record keeping, grading games and keeping the lines sharp.

 HOST Pay Per Head Service has been around for almost 20 years now having evolved over time to meet the needs of the local bookmaker and his players.  Back in the 90’s, many bettors started to drift away from the ‘local guy’….drawn by the glitz and glamour of the Internet and all those flashy options and glossy pictures offered there.

 The average local bookie just could not compete.  The offshore sports books were even offering incentives in the form of sign-up bonuses and free plays that the local guy simply could not match and stay in business. Then some very wise people came up with the idea of a service company that provided to the local bookie all of the modern wagering options offered by the big offshore companies.  That’s how HOST PPH came into being.

 The idea quickly caught on.  Both bettors and bookies liked the new system under which the bettor could stay with his trusted local guy and still access world-wide wagering options around the clock.  The only thing that the bookie was left to do was his collections and payouts…..and perhaps a little discreet recruiting.

 These days there are many options available for providing price per head services. Some, like HOST PPH, are very good….some not so good….some downright awful.  The savvy bookie, thinking about making the switch, is obliged to do a thorough check of the companies he or she is considering before making the decision on which service to work with.

 The first thing to consider is the people involved.  Since a lot of your dealings with the Pay Per Head service will be done over the phone, get them on the phone.  Ask the hard questions and get the information you need before making a move.  Are you able to communicate with the agents comfortably? If your questions are not answered to your satisfaction, look elsewhere.

 Finally, check out the software.  Is it easy to access and presented in an attractive manner?  Most of all, is it dependable?  Players these days are demanding high quality, dependable 24/7 access to wagering and a friendly face to meet up with and settle up……working with a quality outfit like HOST Pay Per Head Service offers the best of both worlds!


MLB LOGONow hold on a minute. That’s not the way it was supposed to go.  Early MLB Power Rankings had the Yankees, the Red Sox and the Astros at the top of the heap. After just 5 games, Boston has only racked up one win, the Yankees lost 2 of 3 to the lowly Orioles and Houston has already lost 3 of their 5 games.  What’s going on?

Obviously it’s way too early to draw any lasting conclusions to these wacky opening series of games.  We still have 140 something games to go!  However, it is a bit puzzling how things could start off so upside down.

Recalling last season, the Dodgers started off 16-26 and spirits were lower that Chavez ravine. They ended up 92-71 and won the National League pennant.

Meanwhile, the New York Mets got off to a great 11-1 start and ended up winning only 71 games and losing 85.  So let’s not put too much stock in the first few of weeks of major league baseball action.

What did get every ones attention was the Dodgers dropping four straight games to the Cardinals in St. Louis.  The Dodgers’ prolific offense sputtered almost to a halt and the expected excellence of the rotation never really solidified as Los Angeles got swept for the first time this year.

Not a lot of bettors wagered for that to happen, especially after the Cardinals had just been beaten 3 out of 4 games by the Milwaukee Brewers.  But that’s baseball and obviously we are off on another totally unpredictable MLB season.

The poor Yankees are in a hospital zone early on this year.  In mid April they have 12 players on the IL (formally the DL).  The latest causality is catcher Gary Sanchez who is now out with a left calf strain, which, for a catcher, is a shut down injury.

No one had any optimistic projections for the Mariners, but here they sit at 13-2. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for Seattle baseball, but someone forgot to tell the Mariners.

The Houston Astros were predicted to be a powerhouse in the American League West, but, 15 games into the season, the Astros trail division leading Seattle by 4 games.

Las Vegas oddsmakers still show the Astros having an 83% chance to reach the post season while the Mariners are only at 54%.  But it’s a long season with lots of great baseball games left to play.  Anything can happen before September rolls around again, so enjoy the ride!


images bookie software

Today’s software for wagering on sports has now evolved to fill the needs of bookmakers of all sizes and requirements.  Throughout the almost 20 years that Pay Per Head services have been in operation, sportsbook software providers have continually upgraded their products through constant research and by listening to online bookmakers across the country, and then fine tuning their sports betting software to their clients’ needs and wishes.

The software presented to your players must be up to date and of the very finest quality if you want to keep them coming back for more. After all, what your players see and hear from your PPH Service represents you and how you handle your business. That is exactly what a good Pay Per Head Service like provides for both its clients and their players.

Modern online betting services present easy to understand, user friendly software that gets them onto the wagering interfaces quickly and allows them to place their wagers with a minimum of time and effort.

The bookie reporting software page will provide you the bookmaker with all of your record keeping information in real time so as to eliminate the need to carry around that incriminating ‘little black book’.  A really good Pay Per Head Service will offer a multitude of reporting options for you to choose from depending on how you like to run you business.

If a quick overall view is all that you are looking for, the reports will be there for you. If you prefer to micro-manage your business, those options are also available for you. Modern betting software even allows an agent to move his own lines be they sides, totals or money lines. You can even hide whole games as well as the sides, totals and money lines and then put them up whenever it suits you best. In short, becoming a bookie has never been easier.

For your players, today’s expanded mobile options allow them an even faster connection to the betting page. The wagering software employed today cuts directly to the wagering platform, with no buzzers, bells, ads or distractions.

Today’s savvy bookie will always have a good personal contact to back up all of that cutting edge sports betting software. The best pay per head sportsbook providers will always have a friendly and knowledgeable personnel available to you or your players to speak with directly in English should the need arise as part of their online betting service.

Make the call today, become a HOST pay per head bookie and let go of all that work and worry!


magic j 2The man whom most people thought of as the very heart of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team has thrown in the towel at a non-scheduled press conference before the Lakers last game of the season with the Portland Trail Blazers.  Apparently Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson told no one about his decision to leave the legendary Los Angeles basketball team, not even team owner Jeanie Buss or LeBron James, whom Johnson himself recruited to the Lakers team.

Citing one of the best reasons ever for giving up the presidency of the Lakers, Magic simply stated that ‘it was not fun anymore’.  Actually he said, “Tomorrow, I’d have to affect somebody’s livelihood and life. That’s not fun for me.  That’s not who I am”.  Anyone familiar with Magic Johnson could have told you that.

Anyone who saw Magic at the services honoring the late Jerry Buss heard the former NBA All Star pour out his heart recalling stories of himself with Mr. Buss.  The relationship between the Buss family and Earvin Johnson runs deep.  It must have been very difficult for him to resign as he did.

Apparently there has existed a rift between Johnson and current Laker head coach Luke Walton, who is himself a former power forward for the LA Lakers, winning two NBA Championships in 2009 & 2010. Luke’s father is two time NBA All Star Bill Walton.

At just 39 years old, Luke Walton is one of the youngest head coaches in the NBA.  He is also one of the most successful in recent years moving from the interim head coach for the Golden State Warriors to the coveted position of head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Whatever the friction was or is between Walton and Magic, it must be pretty heavy to cause Johnson to walk away like this.  Magic told the press that he is sick of tampering rules, he’s tired of the “backstabbing” and also said the he ‘didn’t want to disappoint Jeanie by firing Luke’.  That’s about as direct an indicator as Magic would say that day.

When someone at the impromptu press conference asked Johnson if he had told Jeanie Buss about his decision, Magic got misty and said, “No I haven’t.  I couldn’t.  I could not stand to tell her.  But the one thing she had in me was somebody she could trust and was loyal to her”.

Obviously the affection goes both ways as Ms. Buss responded in kind, “Earvin, I loved working side by side with you.  You’ve brought us a long way.  We will continue the journey.  We love you”.

This off season will be huge for the Los Angeles Lakers.  LA fans wait with baited breath to see how the organization will move forward without their Magic.

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