BB WSWhile college football and basketball are national passions, college baseball is just now coming into its own, and becoming an attractive wagering option for many bettors as well.  The level of sophistication and competition has risen in recent years to bring university level baseball into the national limelight at last.

The season for college baseball is out of line with regular season MLB. It is set up to accommodate life on campus and still allow time for the necessary academic class work. The season starts right after the Christmas holidays and runs through mid June when the annual College World Series is played in Omaha at Ameritrade Park.

As it works out, just about the same time that a team gets to the final weeks, and the most critical games of the year, it’s also time again for final exams. That’s quite a load to carry and something that the pros don’t have to worry about.  These kids are doing double duty for the glory of the university and yet Mark Emmert and the NCAA continue to hold on to their long outdated notion that paying student athletes with ruin the sport.

The student athletes who participate in baseball while still at university do so for love of the sport.  In addition to playing 3-4 games a week during the entire spring semester, they must also keep up with class work, home work, term papers and final exams.  It’s a pretty hectic 5 months.  Those who excel stand a chance at being drafted into the MLB, probably into the minor leagues at first, but their futures will still be looking pretty bright.

Baseball facilities at many universities have been revamped and rebuilt to modern standards and as many as 12,000 boisterous fans fill the stands for each home game.  Just as in college basketball, there is an excitement and spirit that exists at the university level that somehow does not always translate to the professional.

Today’s modern bookie might want to let his players know that there is another exciting sport happening right now and available for wagering, especially as we approach the conference tourneys and the World Series in June.

This applies especially to those of you who have a contending college baseball team in your area. If your local fans are passionate about football and basketball, chances are they will soon be feeling the same about college baseball as well.

The SEC Conference Tournament commences on Tuesday, May 21st and runs through the 26th, as always, in Hoover, Alabama.  The other conference tourneys take place around the country at this time as well.

Directly thereafter, on Friday, May 31 the NCAA Regional Tournaments begin around the country. The NCAA Super Regionals will take place between June 7 and 10. The sites of these games will be determined by the winners of round one of the Regionals.

The NCAA College World Series will take place starting on June 15th at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska with the finals on June 26th.

College baseball is fun, exciting and could possibly turn into a good money maker for the savvy bookie.


NBA-Playoffs-logoIf you are just now tuning in on the NBA finals, you’ve come at the right time.  The prelims are over and the only guys left in serious competition are all out to win the NBA championship for 2019.  They are big and they are strong.  This is where we separate the champions from the contenders.

The last event that a lot of basketball fans watched was the NCAA finals known as March Madness when Virginia was crowned national champs.  Now the kids are all home or back in school and it’s time for the big boys to take the court.

The difference in action between the college hoops games we all enjoyed so much this year and the professional basketball players of the NBA is amazing.  Physical contact, which would have never been allowed in NCAA competition, goes on during every possession in NBA.  Guys are in there pushing and shoving, going for the ball and not too worried about getting called for a foul.

The quality of play at the professional level in the NBA is almost absurd. It has been proposed that the goals be moved up a bit or the court lengthened, but that is impractical.  So we have a bunch of guys that look way too overgrown to be playing on that same small court that they used in high school.

However, what the NBA players do on that small venue is nothing less than amazing.  The moves and shots made by these guys approach artistry in motion as they appear to defy gravity itself on those spectacular dunk shots.

So now we are down to the best eight teams in the NBA.  The defending champion Golden State Warriors are having a rough go with James Harden’s Houston Rockets and the series is now even at 2 victories each. Games 5-7 are going to be a war!

Current finals favorite Milwaukee is on the verge of defeating the legendary Boston Celtics, who won the first game easily on the road but have fallen to the Bucks for the next three games in a row, and now they are back in Milwaukee.

The Raptors of Toronto and the Philadelphia 76ers are playing a strange series.  Each is winning games on the opponents’ home court.  Game 6 is back in Philly and the 76ers will be eliminated should they lose at home again.

The Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets went to four overtimes before Portland finally managed a 140-137 victory over the Nuggets.  Game six is at Portland and Denver is once again trembling on the brink.

None of these games are going to be easy.  None will be runaway victories. The pros left on the court are dedicated and strong.  It’s their time to shine and the action will be fast and furious from here on out.


take me out to the ball game

Is it still true in 2019 that Major League Baseball is Americas’ pastime?  It could be, hard to tell anymore.  There is so much glitter and glamour in the media these days that it’s difficult to cull the relevant from the flotsam. But MLB is still going strong after almost 150 years.

Baseball has been around for a long, long time, traditions run deep, the ball parks continue to fill up and the networks continue to broadcast the games.  Players’ salaries are going into the stratosphere, so the money must keep coming in.

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, ‘baseball, it’s too slow, or, it’s boring’. To some folks it’s just that. To others it’s a calling like no other sport offers.  OK, so it’s slow.  That’s part of the charm.  Anticipation is part of the game.

The irony is that only the quickest of the best athletes can play baseball at a professional level.  Being fast and strong isn’t enough.  A good baseball player must be quicker than quick to play in the big leagues.

Baseball is not about brute strength or speed, although both of those factors come into play during a game.  Baseball is more about finesse and head to head competition. It’s more like a chess game between two players who know each other very well.

Consider the principal action; a guy throws a small, hard baseball from a mound located 66.6 feet away from the batter at speeds approaching 100 miles an hour.  The batter has a rounded bat with which he is expected to propel the ball into play in a field measuring around 400 feet deep.  Round ball, round bat, round playing field. Consider the possibilities.

Once the batter hits the ball, he must then make it 90 feet to first base before the defensive fielders can get the ball back to first.  Of course the batter won’t have to hurry if he manages to bang the ball the entire 400 feet, out of the field of play and into the waiting glove of some young fan who brought that glove just to make that catch.

The intricacies of the game of baseball are what make the game so fascinating.  It is said that one will see something new each and every time they go out to the ball park. Few moments in sports are more exhilarating than a base hit with runners in scoring position and the third base coach waving the runner home like a windmill gone mad. Then the slide, the tag and the umpires call.  There ain’t nothing else like it.

But what makes baseball so special are the fans.  The folks in the stands just seem to be having a lot more fun than most other sports fans.  You see more families, more kids and more smiles at baseball games, and that alone is good reason to watch ‘the Great American Pastime’.



old school bookieThere is a whole new bag of tricks available for the professional bookmaker these days.  The era of the smoky sports bar, the pay phone on the back wall and the roll of quarters has given way to the iPad and the SmartPhone.

Even your old trusty beeper and cell phone have been made obsolete by the new technologies available for wagering and modern bookmaking software has enabled the local bookie, working with a good price per head company like, to offer to his or her clients any and all of the options offered by the big offshore sports books.  Worldwide sports action, casino and horse racing, even live wagering on big games is now available from the ‘local guy’.

In fact, a quality price per head service provides their clients, who are all bookies, with all the tools necessary to run a successful bookmaking business in today’s fast paced climate….and actually make money doing it. A first class pay per head service company will deal exclusively with bookies and does not run a sportsbook on the side, and thereby be a competitor for your players.

Never before has the local bookie had a service available that not only provides world-wide sports action around the clock, but the service that also grades the games for you and keeps track of all of your records, constantly updated and available via a secure internet connection 24/7.  No more little black book!

Additionally, and even better, HostPPH Service employs a team of line management professionals who work around the clock to make sure that the lines your players see are kept just as sharp as possible at all times. That part of the deal alone will make you money when all is said and done. Also your players will be working from a private page which they will see a good minute or two before the major public line services are posted.

The experienced client service reps at will work with you in every way possible to help minimize your risks while maximizing your profits.  The bookmaker will be able to stay on top of his player’s action to a degree never before possible.  Features such as the Live Bet Ticker show you all your action as it comes in…in real time.

A Delay Option is also available to keep an eye on your sharp players and even a Big Bet Alert which can be set for wagers of any amount. When a bet comes in which exceeds that amount, the bookmaker will be advised by means of an audible signal alerting him or her that the bet has been made. even includes, as part of your package, a risk management service that will evaluate and report any situation where the bookie is getting hit as well as suggest ways to correct the situation.

Bookmaking is now easier and better than ever!


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